A Fun Day at the Crayola Experience

Brilliantly using technology, this fun, interactive attraction in PA engages kids from toddlers to teens in activities for hours at a time. Bonus: It’s in a pretty, walkable town.

You can put your name on a crayon wrapper, take a selfie with a 3D dragon you colored, teach a human size digital crayon how to dab, create melted crayon drip art, mold a crayon into a ring or a race car, make your drawing a puzzle, see your drawing projected on a wall, sculpt clay, and so much more. There are 26 things to do on four floors, so no wonder people spend three or four hours here. A new attraction is due to open next month.

Toddler Town (below left) is a play area where kids ages one to three can crawl in a play structure and use a big pegboard. Older kids have the Color Playground (below right) play area, with a climbing structure and slide my kids gave a big thumbs up. Everything’s indoors and there’s a parking garage right across the street from the back entrance.


You can see the world’s largest crayon and a short, interactive demonstration of how crayons are made. A well-merchandised store sells cool items like an umbrella that looks like a black and white coloring page when dry but turns colorful when wet. A special (but expensive) treat is a self-serve selection of sweets from Dylan’s Candy Shop. A café serves the usual but I recommend venturing out – from the floor-to-ceiling windows in the cafe you can spot three or four restaurants. Note to tired parents: There’s a Dunkin Donuts across the street.

20170506_183555We went for a Girl Scout sleepover, which was a lot of fun (except for the part when we tried to get 60 excited girls to sleep). If you don’t live especially close by, I would recommend staying over and exploring this attractive and easy to navigate town. You could park your car and walk everywhere – there’s even a hotel two blocks away.

This is the crosswalk from the parking garage.



Where Is Easton, PA?

Just over the Pennsylvania border from New Jersey, halfway between NYC and Philly (1.5 hours from each), 2 hours from Greenwich, Connecticut.

What to Do in Easton Besides the Crayola Experience

Easton (population 28,000) has a very walkable, easy to navigate town center. Take a stroll on its quiet tree-lined streets to see the beautiful architecture of well-maintained historic homes and public buildings interspersed with cafes and businesses. Maps located on the sidewalks downtown make navigation really easy.

20170506_182914The Crayola Experience is right at Centre Square, a traffic circle hub with a 75-foot Soldiers’ and Sailors’ monument, which honors those who fought in the Civil War. From roughly Thanksgiving every year through January since 1951 the town converts this obelisk into a “Peace Candle” to symbolize the hope for peace worldwide. The square is also a focal point of festivities every July 8, which Eastonians call Heritage Day. This was the location of the first reading of the Declaration of Independence outside Philadelphia, on July 8, 1776.20170506_181550

Have you been in a mule-driven canal boat? I didn’t think so. You can clip clop through the picturesque streets on a horse drawn carriage ride, visit a history museum, take a trolley tour, go to a playground, and hike and bike along the river.

Town history and architecture

Comprehensive tourism info

Link to a tourism app and tourism info

Arts Trail

Easton Attractions Video (1 minute)


2 thoughts on “A Fun Day at the Crayola Experience

  1. We are going for a GS sleep over this month. What type of air mattress did you all bring? Was it battery operated? Any other helpful tips?


    1. Hi Brandee–We didn’t bring mattresses, just sleeping bags. We were lucky in that we were assigned the play area for sleeping so one of my daughters slept on the enclosed slide and her sister and I in the enclosed climbing area so we had privacy and no bright lights. Tips for sleeping: Claim your sleep area as soon as you are allowed so you get a good position; bring earplugs (200 girls in one area does not make for a quiet sleep); know you are not going to sleep well so don’t plan anything that requires energy the next day. We had a wonderful experience and highly recommend it. Just know you will not sleep well.


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