Secret Connecticut

It’s official book release day!

As a travel writer, I turned my attention to my own state during the pandemic when it wasn’t safe or legal to travel abroad, over state lines, or even out my front door.

I uncovered 84 fascinating and little-known stories, learned a lot, and virtually met many curators, librarians, nonprofit directors, state employees, photographers, teachers, etc., who are dedicated to preserving and sharing Connecticut’s stories.

In Connecticut you’ll find America’s smallest Native American reservation, a hotel room with a helicopter inside it, and an underground prison. The state has its own Stonehenge and safari park, and Martin Luther King, Jr. spent two formative summers here.

Can you guess who inspired the character of Indiana Jones, who was president before George Washington, and who flew before the Wright Brothers?

Do you know about the island off another island in Mystic where you can go for a quiet, spiritual retreat or learn the bagpipes?

Under-the-radar museums include one with costumes and props from classic monster movies like Dracula and another with hundreds of brains in jars, part of a record of early neurosurgery.

Do you know what a trobairitz is and why the state employs one? Or that a UConn professor has been building a time machine for 30 years and Spike Lee optioned the film rights to his book? How about the Roebling-designed bridge in someone’s backyard, the replica of Marie Antoinette’s Versailles palace, and the nun who kissed Elvis?

Other surprising stories include the nudist resort founded in 1934, the historic community of Jewish farmers, and the spectacular stained glass church that was unknowingly built in the shape of a fish by a famous architect.

Secret Connecticut: A Guide to the Weird, Wonderful, and Obscure, is available wherever books are sold. Support your local bookstore, buy from Amazon (now in Kindle, too!) or directly from me at I’m so excited to share everything I learned!


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