Farm to Ballet

When I first saw the press release about this project I checked the date. Was it April Fool’s? Nope. My second thought was that this would make a good SNL skit.

Then as I read through it my heart warmed at the earnestness and commitment of these dancers, musicians, costumers, etc., many who are not remunerated.

As I watched the well done video on their website, again I was on the fence: I guffawed at the organizer in a rooster costume on top of a prop barn; but I also thought that the afternoon sun shining on the gathering of people sitting on the lawn of a picture-perfect farm, with the mountains in the distance, made a phenomenal backdrop. Nature surely trumps any Met scenery. I came full circle and started looking at my summer calendar to see if I could fit in a performance. My kids would love it!

There are eight performances, many fundraisers for farms and conservation organizations, through July and August on farms in Vermont. More info at



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