The Latest in the Disney Debacle

I got a voice mail from a Guest Relations cast member at 7:08 on Nov. 25 as I was putting the kids to bed. I left a voice mail for him today. I wonder what he will have to say. I wonder if he will have to power to credit me for any number of things like the flowers that were delivered to the wrong room.

I also tried to order my photo CD and was met with frustration. There are photographers all over the Disney parks who will take your photos when meeting characters especially. I learned that if you pre-order a CD it is cheaper than buying it later. So I did, for $119. I have all the confirmation emails and instructions on how to purchase and it didn’t work. No credit showed up. The site wants to charge me $195.90. AAAAAAARRRRGGGHHHH. I want to use these photos for our holiday card and time is running out. I have to wait for someone to figure out the problem then I have to wait to get my CD. I will have to use one of my own photos. I am so frustrated!!


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