Cuba on the Onassis Yacht

An operator that knows both Cuba and the desires of well-heeled clientele has Aristotle Onassis’ yacht the Christina O┬ánewly available for charter this winter.


Academic Arrangements Abroad has been leading trips to Cuba since 1999. They orchestrate amazing programs around the globe for organizations including the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Harvard Alumni Association. They know what they’re doing. Full disclosure: I have written for them (but I’ve never been on any of their trips).

In a 2011 program called “The Secret Mediterranean with Trevor McDonald” the yacht’s chief officer says: “Ladies throw roses at it. The people…the passion involved. [Incredulously] Ladies throw roses at it.”

Jackie first met Ari and JFK first met Churchill onboard the Christina O. Throw Frank Sinatra and Marilyn Monroe into the mix and whoa, you’ve got a party.

There are 17 staterooms, a pool that converts to a dance floor, and a Michelin-starred chef. Get some friends or family together and book a bespoke Cuba itinerary where you don’t have to worry about power outages, no air-conditioning, and mosquitos.


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